How to Plan a Website?

Plan Website

PREPARE: The most important thing you can do during the creation of your website is to prepare by thinking about your audience and your content message.

LANDSCAPE: Figuring out the "lay of the land" for your website is essentially determining which website features are essential for your particular site.  Another feature you should consider adding to your website is a regularly updated blog. In order to perform well in online searches called SEO and your website will require regularly updated content.

AESTHETICS: Design aesthetics, or the way your site looks, is a crucial piece of the website creation process. Thankfully, the free or low costs web site providers have done much of this work by providing ready-to-go design templates.

NAVIGATION: Website navigation is the way the website pages and links are laid out. Do you want your menu up on the top or do you prefer to have your navigation along the left-hand side?

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DESCRIPTION: Business Navigators one of the leading Consulting firm providing, advisory, Coaching and mentoring services in entrepreneurs business ventures, Investors as well as a shareholder to protect investment and Value.

How do we tackle business problems at “Business Navigators”?

tackle business problems

How we tackle the problem is based on the type of challenge the company fears. We need to understand the challenge from the root cause perspective. This can be specific or Macro. A specific problem can be, “The website’s not getting any traffic.” The macro problems can be, “We are not getting enough market share,” OR “The Company’s revenues are stunted for the last couple of years” and so on. You have to first look at the symptoms, but then determine what is really causing it.

We identify impact points and leverage points that are affecting the business symptoms. There’s causation to everything. There are forces, factors, and principles that drive almost everything. More than 80% are things that are within your control, but you can’t control them if you don’t understand the forces and the elements that are leading to the effect. We are the deep dive specialist. On one hand, we do strategic consulting, change strategy while on the other hand, we do marketing planning, competitive advantage positioning, business modeling etc. It may also be cultural consulting, which is to transform a mediocre or dysfunctional organization to a pre-eminent one; where the owner or the manager is committed to growing and developing the capability.

We want to see how everything connects. And our skill set is really very dynamic. We bring to bear an integration that is like a laser-like force that can be concentrated and directed at specific problems. And when we come in and look at a business, we have a very simple process of looking at what you doing now, and how everything they’re doing is performing or not performing.

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How to developed tactical Web Strategy?


Step 1: Establish Your Goals
  • Before you start creating a website, make sure you’re clear on the basics:
  • What are you trying to achieve with your new website?
  • What is your website’s main purpose?
  • “What’s the biggest goal of your website?”

Step 2: Define Your Audience
  • Your Customers/ Target Groups / Segments and audience will play the biggest role in your website and therefore you need to know everything about them. From basic demographics to - Who could be your customers? Who could search your product/services? What could be the Keywords? What do your users like to do? What social networks do they use? How technically savvy, are they?
  • This user research could include focus groups, analysis, surveys, interactive exercises, or existing and potential customer interviews, depending on how in-depth you choose to go.

Step 3: Set Your Brand
  • The last thing you want is for your website to give your audience mixed messages from a confusing brand image. How do you want customers to feel about your brand? We can help choose color schemes and other elements to best convey that emotion.
  • Every color represents a different mood/trend, so the idea is to settle on a scheme that properly conveys the tone of your brand.

Step 4: Design For Your Users
  • You spent that time learning about your audience. Now that knowledge needs to be implemented in the design. We make sure to focus on user-centered design when you build your website. 
      This should include:
  • Information framework to organize your websites’ content.
  • Instinctive navigation so your users easily flow through your website.
  • A Strong call to action so your users complete your website goal.
  • For example, for any website it would be essential to research what is the primary knowledge that visitors over your website would like to know or where they would go and what would they check out – Location, Price, References or anything else? So we suggest that to put that top-right in their page layout.

Step 5: Integrate Social Media
  • Small businesses have a lot to gain by integrating social media websites into their general Web. Few other advertising vehicles can match social media’s ability to reach people from every walk of life in practically any corner of the globe. 

Step 6: Track Your Results
  • In the end, you want a website that looks great. But you also want one that accomplishes your goals. In order to do that, an analytics tracking system is needed so you can see just who and how people are using your website and what needs to improve to reach the identified goals. A proper strategy ensures effective design and development and avoids costly setbacks. We will do just that for you.

Why you need to integrate Social Media in your website?

Social Media Integration
Small businesses have a lot to gain by integrating social media websites into their general Web. Few other advertising vehicles can match social media’s ability to reach people from every walk of life in practically any corner of the globe. If your business is in a competitive industry and plans to stick around awhile, the intelligent utilization of social media for marketing is mandatory. 

Even if you’re not using social media right now, the chances are good that your competitors are, and they’re reaching thousands of potential clients every day. It also gives your consumers a way to talk to each other. By being connected to your consumers and clients, you'll have a better understanding of what they like and don't like about your business give you the opportunity to make informed changes to your products and services faster than ever. Affiliation and referrals result in Inexpensive advertising with expanded reach by integration of Social Media tools.

Social Listening: By actively “listening” for mentions or discussions, you can avoid missing out on the opportunity to delight customers or collect valuable feedback. A strategy is built around reaching the right people at the best time with the most insightful content. In order to achieve this, you need to sharpen your social listening abilities in addition to your verbal communication skills.

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How to perform Search Engine Optimization on Website?

How to perform Search Engine Optimization on Website?

The goal of SEO is to have the search engine spiders to find your site and pages but also rank the page relevance so that it appears at the top of the search engine results. The process of SEO is not a one-time process but requires maintenance and continuous testing and monitoring.

Target Market Business 
  • Analysis of Meta Keywords, visible text, and code to determine how well you're positioned for search engines.
  • Examination of keywords and present search engine rankings of competitive websites to determine an effective engine positioning strategy.
  • Development of a list of targeted search terms related to your customer base and market segment.
Keyword Research and Development
  • Review competitive lists and other industry sources. Use your primary list to determine an indicative number of recent search engine queries and how many websites are competing for each keyword. 
  • You need to understand where you are now in order to accurately assess your future rankings. 
  • For measuring ROI you have to clearly define your objectives in advance.
Content Optimization and Submission
  • Keyword-based titles help establish page theme and direction for your keywords.
  • Meta description tags can influence click-through but are not directly used for rankings.
  • Integrate selected keywords into your website source code and existing content on designated pages.
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Best 5 Tips to Writing Effective Consulting Proposals that Win Business

Consultants believe they understand what a ‘proposal’ should be yet their idea of one is ineffective and often results in losing the business they are after.

1. Don’t Count on It: The proposal is not meant to win the business. Remember that. It is an important note. Now, before you want to go, let’s get clear. Until the buyer signs a proposal you haven’t won the business.

2. Focus on the Clients, Not on Your Business: You must resist the wish to tell the buyer all about your business in the proposal. This is not the place for it. The proposal needs to be focused on your buyer and their business, not yours. Do not tell them how long you have been in business and that you have this and that.

3. Just Keep it Short: No one wants to receive a 30+ page proposal when they can simply get a 2-3 page one. If your proposals are going over three pages you need to take a close look at what you are including in them.

4. ROI at the Front: If you want to make your proposal convincing for your client to take action. One of the best ways to do this is to show them how their investment will provide them with a significant return. Focusing on value and ROI is so important.

5. Business Structure for Success:
  • Summary
  • Goals
  • Project Details
  • Responsibilities
  • Investment
  • Terms
This simple structure and approach have been proven year after year to work with consultants in all industries all around the world.

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How to do market research and plan strategy?

Market Research and Strategy
We help create an efficient market entry strategy for India, helping you reduce costs by preventing mistakes from the very start of your expansion plan.

We undertake specific B2B (business-to-business) market research assignments for our clients across industry sectors. Our cross-functional teams study the business and regulatory scenario to give you a clear understanding of the market size, business models, competitive landscape and regulatory requirements. Thereafter, we provide a customised entry strategy depending on market opportunities and your organisational needs. We leverage our extensive knowledge of India to offer solutions on supply chain, pricing structures, purchase processes/buying behaviour and go-to market strategies for our clients.

Our market research examines factors that would affect your plan, including
  • Market structure and size
  • Growth rate (historical and projected)
  • Available product/service offerings
  • Key customers and customer segmentation
  • Market trends – drivers and challenges
  • Regulatory and tax aspects
  • Competition mapping
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Here are 6 best ways to generate leads for your consulting business.

lead generation
Ranking your own site (SEO): The best way to generate targeted leads is to have your consulting site come up at the top of Google’s search results when your keywords are searched for.

Blog: Your site should have a blog is the second best way. Where you regularly post useful content that genuinely helps people in some aspect of their business.

Paid Ads: Running precisely targeted ads, especially on Facebook where you can really zero in on your demographics, makes a lot of sense. This can be a very cost-effective method of lead generation.

Social Media Groups and Communities: Each of these can get large numbers of leads, but be careful to geo-target your services or you’ll get a lot of useless leads.

Email marketing: Building and marketing to a targeted list will ensure that your business lasts for many years to come.

Social media: Using your social media channels as a way to market and engage with your audience, announce events and highlight your services gives you yet another lead generation tool.

Choose “Total Quality Management” Consultants with Proven Skills.

Total Quality Management
Review the consulting work provided by each total quality management consulting firm. Evaluate the consultancy firm's experience, qualifications and certifications, and request successful project examples of the specific skill sets you need. 

Select total quality management consultants that meet your budget
Many consultants operate on a retainer with a minimum time commitment. Many utilize an hourly fee structure for short-term projects. Your total quality management consultancy cost will depend upon the scope of your services

  • Make sure that it is written into your contract that the consulting firm will not provide services to any competing business during the course of your professional relationship.
  • It is tempting to save time by interviewing just one consultancy firm. However, it is in your organization's best interest to contact and interview several total quality management consulting firms to discuss your potential project. Two or three choices will provide you with the best possible match in skills, services, price and rapport for both you and the consultancy.

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Why A Website Strategy Is Important???

Website Strategy
There are a number of reasons why it’s important to put extra attention on your website planning. A website is so much more than an URL and some content into some pages.

The first reason is your website sets the tone for your business and it tells the world who you are. Today brand is everything when someone’s new to your business or wants to refresh themselves on what you do, the first place they go is your website. It is actually your business representative around the clock and therefore it is important to be consistent with your brand in appearance and aesthetics too.

The second reason your web site strategy is important is that it can create new opportunities for you! Visitors to your website will leave with the feeling of ON or OFF, so what you need to do is put relevant content for them to avoid a no-decision – when it should be a YES. Website strategy helps you determine just how much information is enough for your unique way of doing business.

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How to Make Your Direct Sales Business in No Time?

Direct Sales Business
From cookware to pet supplies, direct sales businesses are everywhere but it seems only a selected consultant build highly successful businesses. With the competition increasingly powerful and restrictions on what representatives can do to market themselves in line with the main brand, new consultants are often discouraged when sales don’t start running in.

Even consultants who don’t have a required marketing budget or a solid understanding of Internet marketing can build an incredibly profitable business. Here are the things you need to do to make your direct sales efforts.

Create a list of the things about you that make you unique compared to all the other consultants out there. What makes you different with thousands of consultants around the country selling the same things you do?

Start a blog that allows your direct sales business. To be effective, the blog must become its own being, used as a supplementary marketing tool. Add value for your customers, and the sales will start coming in on their own. Your blog should include tips and tricks to enhance the customer experience.

Make use of social media platforms to promote your business. For the direct sales consultant on a budget, this isn’t always practical so you’ve got to go further and do more. Content marketing involves content creation, such as your blog, to provide information to the customers without asking them to spend a dime. From there, you’ll promote that content to spread the word about your company. Make the content easy for your customers to understand and share.

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When selling your products, make sure you get the right team.

best business team

The certain questions can make the weeks and months leading up to a sale stressful for anyone closely connected to the company. You can ensure your strategy is a proven asset to the business rather than just a line item on a list of operating expenses reviewed by a prospective buyer.

  • Train your staff: A well-trained employee is an engaged employee.
  • Promote from within: Promoting from within also naturally enhances the opportunity for continual training since your most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced employees will be in the position necessary to facilitate training of newer team members who need further development.
  • Encourage feedback and open communication: A business owner who does not seek honest feedback from employees is bound to develop a dangerous level of tunnel vision.
  • Keep your team informed: From the moment you decide to move forward with putting the company on the market to the day the deal closes, do everything in your power to keep your team informed and up-to-date on the progress of the situation.
If you’re considering selling your business, think about your team of employees with these tips in mind and take some time early in the process to make sure all of them have the best opportunity to prove themselves an asset to the company rather than a liability.

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How to plan a digital strategy for your clients?

digital marketing

Your digital strategy will include your business goals, your plan of actions and how your digital plan integrate with all over your plan.

First thing first, you need to outline your business goals.
·         What are you trying to achieve with your new plan?
·         What is your main purpose?
·         What’s the biggest goal of your plan?

Define the Target Audience
·      Your target audience is the biggest part of your plan. Your digital strategy needs to be informed by a shared understanding of who your customers are, how they perceive the interactions they’re having with your company today, and what they want and need from your company in the future.

Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels
·        Small businesses have a lot to gain by integrating social media websites into their general Web. If your business is in a competitive industry and plans to stick around awhile, the intelligent utilization of social media for marketing is mandatory. 
·    A strategy is built around reaching the right people at the best time with the most insightful content. In order to achieve this, you need to sharpen your social listening abilities in addition to your verbal communication skills.

Track your Results
·      You want to accomplish your goals. In order to do that, an analytics tracking system is needed so you can see just who and how people are using your website and what needs to improve to reach the identified goals. 

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