How to Plan a Website?

Plan Website

PREPARE: The most important thing you can do during the creation of your website is to prepare by thinking about your audience and your content message.

LANDSCAPE: Figuring out the "lay of the land" for your website is essentially determining which website features are essential for your particular site.  Another feature you should consider adding to your website is a regularly updated blog. In order to perform well in online searches called SEO and your website will require regularly updated content.

AESTHETICS: Design aesthetics, or the way your site looks, is a crucial piece of the website creation process. Thankfully, the free or low costs web site providers have done much of this work by providing ready-to-go design templates.

NAVIGATION: Website navigation is the way the website pages and links are laid out. Do you want your menu up on the top or do you prefer to have your navigation along the left-hand side?

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