How do we tackle business problems at “Business Navigators”?

tackle business problems

How we tackle the problem is based on the type of challenge the company fears. We need to understand the challenge from the root cause perspective. This can be specific or Macro. A specific problem can be, “The website’s not getting any traffic.” The macro problems can be, “We are not getting enough market share,” OR “The Company’s revenues are stunted for the last couple of years” and so on. You have to first look at the symptoms, but then determine what is really causing it.

We identify impact points and leverage points that are affecting the business symptoms. There’s causation to everything. There are forces, factors, and principles that drive almost everything. More than 80% are things that are within your control, but you can’t control them if you don’t understand the forces and the elements that are leading to the effect. We are the deep dive specialist. On one hand, we do strategic consulting, change strategy while on the other hand, we do marketing planning, competitive advantage positioning, business modeling etc. It may also be cultural consulting, which is to transform a mediocre or dysfunctional organization to a pre-eminent one; where the owner or the manager is committed to growing and developing the capability.

We want to see how everything connects. And our skill set is really very dynamic. We bring to bear an integration that is like a laser-like force that can be concentrated and directed at specific problems. And when we come in and look at a business, we have a very simple process of looking at what you doing now, and how everything they’re doing is performing or not performing.

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